Maya looked out at the night sky and
decided it was time for an adventure.

Fly with Maya is the story of a curious young girl who travels around the world in a hot air balloon. On her journey she meets engineers who tell her about their jobs and help her understand how her balloon works.

What makes her balloon fly?
Where will it land?
What kinds of engineers will she meet?

As Maya explores the night sky, she discovers how to use science to pilot her balloon. Join Maya on her exciting adventure and experience the wonder of our world!


Kate Slattery loved reading and make-believe as a child. When she grew up, she put her imagination to work as a mechanical engineer. Kate traveled to cities all over the world—Paris, Leuven, London, and Hong Kong, to name just a few—and settled in San Francisco where she had many adventures. The friendships she gained through her travels and career influenced her writing. In Fly with Maya, the characters Maya meets are based on Kate’s engineer friends. Kate hoped that Maya’s journey would inspire children to explore the world and the way things work. She wanted to show young girls in particular that they can grow up to be engineers. Kate’s writing journals capture her vision and will allow Maya’s story to continue in future volumes.


Dominic Pitera is a mechanical engineer from Minnesota living in San Francisco. His passion for drawing began when he was a child and has been a hobby that has continued into his adult life. Impressed by the work of artists within his circle of family and friends, he has worked to explore various techniques and media such as graphite, charcoal, pastel, and digital art. In 2015, Dominic partnered with Kate to help bring to life her vision for Fly with Maya. The illustrations for the book were inspired by Kate’s passion for storytelling, as well as her desire to show children the opportunities that await them around the world.